Whit's Frozen Custard - Hendersonville, NC

Welcome to Whit's of Hendersonville

…..so we’re trying something new
Bring in your ticket, or call us with your number and we will replace your ticket with a new one but we will get your name and number this time!!!!
We will give everyone 2 weeks to trade and then we will pick a WINNER! (January 24th)


Welcome to the delicious world of frozen custard! As our name states, we make our frozen custard fresh every day so you can enjoy the best experience that frozen custard has to offer.

When you taste either our signature Vanilla, Chocolate or one of our two Flavors of the Day you’ll discover how much passion and care we put into each batch of Whit’s frozen custard.

Four flavors is all anyone needs to create an endless variety of flavor combinations when you learn about all the fruit toppings, sauces, nuts and candies that can be added to make a tasty sundae or blended into the custard to create one of our famous Whitsers™.

We hope you’ll visit us soon, and often.


Flavors of the Day

We run two daily flavors in addition to having Vanilla and Chocolate every day. Please check our Flavor Calendar to look for your favorites

“It’s Whit’s Going On!”


There’s nothing sweeter than a delectable Whit’s custard cake to make any day special. From weddings and birthdays to holidays and graduations, we have a spectacular frozen treat that’s right for your celebration.


Small (Serves 6-8) – $16.00

Large (Serves 12-14) – $26.00

Celebrate ANY Day